Add some funk to your style.

The one behind the FUNK...

Kathleen MacKenzie

Since a young age I've always been interested in jewelry and arts & crafts.  After graduating FSC in 2006 with a BS focused in Marketing I began spending some time teaching myself techniques to create my own jewelry.  

My friends and women in my life with fabulous taste in jewelry have been my inspiration & motivation behind many designs.  Music and nature are also the inspiration behind many designs incorporating seasonal colors in my work also incorporating materials such as beach findings in some of my wire working projects.

My objective: Although change is good, and fashion trends change I strive for my designs to be timeless.   "Fashion fades, only style remains the same"  -Coco Chanel 

I've learned over my years of crafting, and designing.  If you like something SAY IT!!!  Compliments and critiques are appreciated.